Introducing Myself

Hello Everyone!

My name is Connor.

This blog/journal is dedicated to my journey through personal finance and future success in general. I usually keep a written journal, but have decided to share what I have learned and currently learning with the world. Throughout my life I have been a very frugal person just by my very nature. Never wanting more than I needed even as a young boy. I gratefully appreciate that this is part of who I am. My goal with this journal is to express the importance of frugality, and just about all that is involved with personal finance.

To give a little more detail into who I am, I come from a middle to upper middle class family. My parents have both been great examples to me. I grew up in Christian private schools, and I explain the importance of this (here), i`n the state of Florida. My father has been a successful business owner since 1999, and I am greatly appreciative of the sacrifices and many hours that my father has worked to give me and my older brother all the potential possibilities we could ask for. I have learned both from his successes and failures, and in every journey to success there are failures. This is the most important lesson I have learned from my father. No matter what level of someone’s success there are failures throughout their career that allowed or created that potential for success. I understand I will fail throughout my life, and I welcome those failures. This journal may be a failure, but I intend to learn from it and share what I have learned with you the reader.

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